Muzaffar Karim

  I pride myself on my responsibility, accountability and integrity. I am humbled by the fact that I developed and grown my own travel company based in South Africa. I am looking forward to expand my entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm in education, to teach English online to students from across the globe. 

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Hello! My name is Muzaffar Karim, and I'm from a province, kwa Zulu Natal situated in the southern most tip of Africa. A beautiful country, rich in history and culture, called South Africa. I am a sign of action, energy and enthusiasm channelled towards a single goal which is living life to the fulllest. I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2014, through the University of South Africa with a Major in Marketing Management. 
I have successfully completed my TEFL course through Global Language Training in United Kingdom. My fundamental goal is to improve foreign speaking students in the English language. To enhance their skills and confidence, be it on a pre-school, personal and professional level. My experience in teaching English online and in classroom have led to my ability to interface with varied individuals from all facets of life. 

I am an excellent team player and I am constantly striving towards a positive and fruitful working environment. Learning is always a welcome opportunity as this process encourages my own growth potential. This principal is what I also believe to be integral, because as much as I am a teacher I also consider myself a student of life.