Fidel Alencar

  When needing to relax, swimming and playing guitar are my preferred leisure activities.

    Let's find out how to connect daily life with learning process. We bring in to our agenda tools and topics of interest, like Cinema or International Economy. Based on them, we can practice grammar and vocabulary, mostly speaking, listening and rehearsing, before writing. 

*  *  *

Hello! My name is Fidel Alencar. I studied Philosophy at the Federal University of Pernambuco, where I got a Bachelor's Degree and a Teacher Qualification. I also hold a Master Degree from the same University. My research focused on Federalism and Public Policy. To accomplish this research I had to enter to the Data Analysis World and, since then, I have been studying R and Phyton languages for Data Science. 

I  have lived for one year in Germany and studied at the Hamburg University. There I have learned the importance (and the struggle needed) of understanding how distinct cultures and values can be. Then, I have worked translating technical reports for international companies, like Coco do Vale, and I also have practiced teaching high-school students of varied levels.

In my life I have dealt with a broad range of knowledge fields (from Philosophy to International Relations and Programming). This helps me seeing no boundaries among them. So I look forward to opening up students' minds to the delights of learning new things and skills. I have pleasure to learn and I wish to help students explore their own interests and to reach their objectives, while I myself am learning too.