Fernanda Pineda

  Besides from my knowledge and interest in English I am also interested in other languages such as Korean which I started studying a year ago. Another thing I am passionate about is literature I love to read because through it it’s possible to know different places and cultures around the world and also I am a big fan of sports mostly baseball and basketball. 

*  *  *

Hi! My name is Fernanda and I live in México. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Treading Relations from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and while I was still studying college I started working as an English teacher from elementary school children to adults.
I have studied English as a second language since I was a child and I had the opportunity to be certified by Cambridge University on different certifications they hold. It is wonderful to be able to think in one's own language and at the same time be understood by those from other countries.  

As a patient and caring teacher I love to help my students to believe in themselves and be confident about the abilities they have. I will be very happy to work with you throughout this journey and help you achieve your goals.