Anahí González

  I find learning a new language a fascinating experience. The fact that we are able to learn not just new words but a new way of thinking and expressing our thoughts and feelings is amazing to me, that´s why I love learning and teaching languages.

Learning a new language is an exciting endeavor, it gives you the opportunity to get to know better other peoples and cultures, it opens up your mind and gives you a new, wider vision of the world, and I will be thrilled to share this journey with you.

*  *  *

Hello there! My name is Anahí. I live in Brazil but I am originally from Mexico.

I hold a Bachelor´s Degree in Accounting from the Technological Institute of Los Mochis (Instituto Tecnológico de Los Mochis) . I first started as a teacher back in 2010, teaching Accounting and Business to high school students in Mexico, and since 2012, I have been teaching both English and Spanish online.

I am passionate about languages. I started studying English when I was really young, and later on, I learned Mexican Sign Language (LSM). In 2012, I moved to Brazil which meant learning Portuguese, and about three years ago, I started studying the Guarani language, which is an indigenous language from Paraguay.