Build Something Better: Boeing's dedication to innovation

For nearly a century, The Boeing Company has been at the forefront of innovation in aerospace. Boeing is dedicated to designing airplanes that fly farther and cleaner, connecting the world as never before. As Chief Technology Officer, John Tracy has a unique vantage point from which to view Boeing's development of innovative solutions for its customers and how those products and services impact the world. "A great number of people that work here at Boeing fell asleep staring at airplanes hanging from their ceiling. We have a passion about what we work on. And that's really what innovation is all about", he says. Boeing is on the leading edge of a number of today's most promising technologies. Take biofuels, for example. The price of fuel is a big impact on the profits of our airline customers. The company brought together a diverse group of people - farmers, biologists, economists, engine specialists, aerodynamics experts - and they came together and produced biofuels to be able to replace fuels in jet engines.